Sub Sea Systems designs innovative, immersive and interactive products and programs for the marine tourism industry.

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Innovative. Immersive. Interactive.

Sub Sea Systems is Celebrating 30+ Years Under the Sea

Sub Sea Systems is a world leader in innovative products and underwater experiences for the marine tourism industry. Our talented team specializes in immersive, memorable and hands-on encounters that aim to educate through entertainment.

Meet Our Management Team

Jim Mayfield

President & CEO

Dreamer, designer, inventor, entrepreneur

JMemail JM-indesign

Miles Crail

Chairman of the Board

Always has a twinkle in his eye


Melissa Mayfield

Chief Financial Officer

She’s the ringleader of this circus


Hannah de Bie

Vice President of Marketing

Secretly wishes she was a mermaid


Kyle Mayfield

Vice President of Production

Dances better underwater than on land


Keenan Mayfield

Director, Sea TREK Operations
& SolarCat Sales

Wishes there was a camouflage SolarCat


Carl Hanson

Director of Water Operations and Safety

Resident Fish Nerd


Gunner, Oliver & Cali

Human Resources

Office therapy & entertainment

JMemaildogs instagram

Our Regional Representatives

Javier Fortunato

Regional Director, Mexico/Latin America


Ad van Tuijl

Regional Director, EMEA




Sub Sea Systems’ Products

In 1985, we established our brand and built a reputation in the industry as engineers and fabricators of custom submersibles and semi-submersibles. Over the years our products have evolved as we reimagine ways to explore the world’s oceans. Sub Sea Systems’ founders created the SNUBA® shallow water diving system. We designed and created the SeaTREK® helmet diving system, manufacture the SolarCat™ solar-electric catamaran, and invented Clear Lounge®, the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar. In 2017, we introduced the Aquaticar™ underwater ride and won IAAPA’s Brass Ring Award for Best New Product. In 2018, we partnered with the world leader in aquatic VR, San Francisco-based Ballast Technologies, to create and deliver an entirely new way to experience virtual reality– underwater– in the DIVR, DIVR+ and self-contained Deep Dive VR™ systems.


Comprehensive helmet diving systems and proven guided touring program — available for purchase or license.



The world’s 1st underwater driving experience, designed as a themed attraction for water parks! 



Turn any pool into an infinite adventure. VR snorkeling combines the neutral buoyancy of water with the immersion of virtual reality.


clear lounge®

The world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar — a self-contained, freestanding aquarium with Sea TREK — available for purchase or license.


“Sea TREK offers a way for guests to interact underwater without needing any ability other than walking and breathing. Sea TREK gives us the opportunity to reach a large market, inclusive of kids, parents and even grandparents, for a multigenerational experience.”

— Liz Lugo Director of Operations, Experiencias Xcaret

SolarCats have been a valuable and unique addition to our beach rentals. Our customers love how easy they are to use, and we have enjoyed the benefits of a reliable product and steady return on our investment.”

— Steve Pinard, Owner Action Sports

I did this back in May. A crowd gathered as the world’s longest round of underwater Jenga took place. What a fun experience!”

— Albie Robles, Clear Lounge Guest

“This is perhaps the most realistic VR experience on the market. Suspension in the neutral buoyancy of water, with special effects is compelling.”

— Stuart Patterson, Project Executive, Qiddiya Invetment Company


Since 1999…

SeaTREK has introduced more than 3 million people worldwide to the beauty of the underwater world. The professionally guided experience is designed for non-swimmers, non-divers, multi-generations (ages 8 to 93+), and individuals who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. SeaTREK is available at over 54 destinations (including 19 aquariums), in 26 countries, 5 continents, and growing! The system comes in several configurations, and can be integrated into existing facilities or operated as a standalone business.

SeaTREK Sample Monthly Income

Figures based on one operator’s documented monthly experiences and a selling price of $79 per person

Average Monthly Guests

Average Monthly Income


The World’s 1st Underwater Driving Adventure!

The Aquaticar™ experience (patent pending) allows guests to drive futuristic vehicles through an underwater world that can be themed to fit nearly any concept—from teeming coral reef to rugged Mars landscape, or even a dark ride with startling surprises around every corner.

Aquaticar Sample Guest Throughput

Figures based on a 10-minute ride along a 550 ft. (170 m) circuitous course.

Number of Cars

Number of Guests per Hour

VR Snorkeling: DIVR, DIVR+ and Deep Dive VR™

The World’s First Virtual Reality Snorkeling Systems!

Turn any pool into an infinite adventure. VR Snorkeling combines the neutral buoyancy of water with the immersion of virtual reality. Using the world’s 1st waterproof virtual reality headset (patent pending), participants explore worlds previously inaccessible such as a deep-sea dive or visit to the space station. Available in 3 different configurations designed for any venue– DIVR (VR snorkeling), DIVR+ (VR snorkeling with sensory effects) and Deep Dive VR (self-contained, standalone system). 

Eco-Friendly Fun

SolarCat solar-electric catamarans are unique, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, leisure watercraft. With easy controls that even kids can use, comfortable, side-by-side seating, armrests with cup holders, and dry storage for your cell phone and towel– SolarCats make a day on the water relaxing, convenient and FUN! Designed and built for durability, stability, safety and reliability, the SolarCat is the perfect beach rental product or personal watercraft. SolarCats are proudly made in the USA. Available for purchase or joint venture opportunities.

SolarCat Sample Monthly Income

Figures based on one operator’s documented monthly rentals and an hourly rental rate of $50

Projected Monthly Rentals

Average Monthly Income

clear lounge

The World’s 1st Underwater Oxygen Bar

clear lounge is an exceedingly innovative, self-contained underwater oxygen bar (patent pending). Using SeaTREK helmet diving technology, guests enter a freestanding aquarium and breathe enriched, scented oxygen while shooting bubble guns, playing jenga, writing messages to each other and friends on the outside, and having their photo taken in an underwater photo booth. clear lounge is available in customizable configurations for purchase or license.

Clear Lounge Sample Monthly Income

Figures based on projected visitors and an average spending of $54 per guest

Projected Monthly Guests

Projected Monthly Income


Sub Sea Systems is always looking to collaborate, customize and personalize our products and programs to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who have a passion for providing quality entertainment in the aquatic industry. We look forward to hearing about your business, start-up or even your plans in the earliest stages; together we can discover solutions to bring your dreams to life.


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